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"Bring your tea cup and wear your favorite hat"

“Bring your tea cup and wear your favorite hat”

Summer Son Worship

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Do you know the HARDEST thing for the Christian to do?

Pastor Cy M. Fields
The bare naked truth is that living the life of a Christian is at times challenging.  Although there is total victory through Jesus, many church folk just can’t seem to get this “Jesus Disciple” thing in high gear. Sure,we go to church but for a few that is the beginning and end of an encounter with God. The reason may be due a lack of submission to God’s will. Yes, that is probably the hardest thing for many Christians to do, submit life and lifestyle to the total program of God. It’s hard but necessary.
In the raw, submission means doing whatever God wants you to do. What He wants us to do is found in the Bible. Our wills are naturally selfish (yes, you are selfish). We love to have our own way. It’s not easy to submit to the will of another, unless there’s some strong motive that impels us to submission. The carrying out of our wills in a selfish way only leads to more selfishness and to a stronger inclination to have our own way. It’s this selfish inclination in our will that makes it necessary for God to demand submission from us.  As a matter of speaking a Christian cannot fully enjoy the Christian life apart from submitting to God’s will. Reluctant submission to God is not real submission. Just like reluctant obedience is not real obedience. It is only when the heart responds to God willingly and cheerfully that the power of submission exists.
Really, answer truthfully, whose will is more better for us to give ourselves to than the will of God? Is submitting to the will of a man better? Is submitting to the will of a lover better? Drugs? Alcohol? The answer is infinity times “no” when compared to the will of God.
In the Scriptures, Christ is represented as being the husband of the church, and the church is taught to submit to Him as a wife should submit to her husband who loves her and will give his life for her. Open the door of your heart wide. Unlock every door. Hand over the key to God. Invite him to come in, and fill you to your fullest capacity. Empty your heart of self, all selfish plans, purposes, desires, reluctance of the will, and every hesitation to obey. Give Him your all. Submit to God’s will today. Amen.

Getting ready to “Turn up for Jesus”

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From Laughter to Tears

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Youth Church Promo Sunday….A Success!

This past Sunday’s 11:00AM Worship Service was full of power, passion and energy. New Landmark’s youth turned up for Jesus! There were tambourines, praise makers, chants and lots of joy exhibited during the promotional parade. The special announcement left members of New Landmark’s congregation intrigued and those not involved in Youth Church eager to find out about the hype! If you missed it you can clink on the link below to get a glimpse of what happens in Youth Church on the 3rd, 4th and 5th Sunday’s!

Youth Church Promo

Pre-Mother’s Day Experience

comedy show

Why should you attend Bible study?

Bible Empowerment Tuesday

This Tuesday 12noon-1:15pm and 7pm-8:15pm

“Where the Bible Comes Alive!”

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Reasons For Attending Prayer & Bible Study?

  1. We are commanded to study (2nd Tim. 2:15)
  2. To learn how to live by every word from the mouth of God (Matthew 4:4)
  3. You get a chance to ask questions about any bible misunderstanding or sermon point
  4. You grow spiritually with joy and knowledge that will produce faith, love, and obedience
  5. Revelation of our authority over the devil (Luke 10:19)

Team work!

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It Takes Teamwork to Make

New Landmark’s Vision Work!


As a member of New Landmark we are depending on you to do your share in helping the church fulfill its mission and achieve its vision. Here are 5 things you should do.


We Wish Every Member of New Landmark would…


Come To Church Each Sunday. However, if you miss a Sunday try not to miss more than one Sunday per month

Become A Consistent Giver. New Landmark needs adequate financial resources to take care of its bills, obligations, make improvements, host programs, bless its members, be resourceful to the community, support the ministries, and spread the word. If you miss a Sunday, then make up your offering the next time you’re at church or you can mail it in. Your absence doesn’t mean the bills and financial needs will be absent too.

Join and Participate in a Ministry of NL. You have something to offer that makes us stronger.. Being active in church helps you become acquainted with fellow church members, validates your membership, helps you mature in faith and its a way you can serve the Lord. We’re confident there’s a place for you here to get connected with.

Attend Sunday School and/or Bible Class Regularly. There is no way we or you can adequately grow in faith being absent from the biblical instruction of the church. Every NL church member, including church leaders, should attend Sunday School and/or Tuesday Prayer & Bible Class.

 Love! Love! Love! Love! Love One Another!

It’s Saturday Night LIVE!!

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